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Let's get the Australian Government of Safety Test all vaccines used in Australia before being released to market with Double Blind Placebo Testing. Let's get all Australian Mandatory and Coercive Vaccination laws rescinded. And ... 1. The Australian Government retract these criminally fraudulent actions of attempted Vaccine Coercion. 2. Give full and complete and adequate and fair compensation to Australian babies children and adults who have been harmed by these criminally fraudulent actions of attempted Vaccine Coercion. 3. Offer a full and complete apology to the Australian Nation as a Whole. 4. Implement an up to date accurate fully controlled MANDATORY end to end Reporting and Management and Compensation system for Vaccine Injury and potential Vaccine Injury of Australians caused by Vaccinations within Australia. 5. Ensure that through Mandatory Law before any Australians receives any Vaccination that Australians are given full disclosure at the time and just before the associated Vaccination are administered and received of any and all potential harm that these Vaccinations may cause to the person being Vaccinated. 6. Ensure MANDATORY and full and complete scientific and publically accessible safety testing of all Vaccines before they are given to any Australians. Please Donate Generously 🙂
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