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YOUR NAME: Adwoa Nyarko
PHONE NUMBER: 0402259412
ADDRESS: Unit 19/107 Killarney Cresent
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of property, Loss of employment, Loss of health, Loss of freedom, Devalued as a person.
I worked as Airport Protection Officer at Brisbane

I served 13 years on the job and was stood down for 8 months and then stood up and was paid only Jobkeeper for the same duties and not previous pay rate was applicable. Then it changed to being paid properly and then the mandatory vaccination requirement came into force. I did not agree because I not trust this vaccination and felt that my freewill was being taken away. So I chose to resign my position with ISS Security.
In this time I went on a Mental Health Care plan as referred by my G.P. because of this and other reasons from this time. I was extremely anxious and depressed about all at this time from being locked down, the wearing of masks while at work and going out after lockdowns stopped by the government. All was in a state of confusion because of this for me and having to be receiving Newstart Allowance was all so stressful. I ate a solid meal once a week to make food last because I could not afford to buy food regularly. I went to get help also from welfare agencies to assist at this time, my rent went inarrears also and I was stressed about becoming homeless. I did get another security job where the vaccination was not mandated and worked there for about one month and then I lost my car in the floods. I contacted Andrew Laming M.P. and I was not eligible for government assistance as my car was not worth $20,000. So I was paid put insurance for car of $2,500 and put it on my credit card which I was also surviving on. I was in a poor Mental Health state and still have not recovered fully as I have had to give up my psychologist sessions owing to being unemployed and Medicare are not bulk billing psychologist sessions any longer. I am unable to pay out of pocket expenses when I am single, unemployed, 55 years old and cannot afford this expense. I can pay my rent for now, and make payments on essential utilities and I am not left much for to spend on food at this point in time. I cannot afford to buy a car with the prices of cars being out of my reach and no means to get a loan because I have no stable employment. I walk
everywhere and am limited with employment opportunities.
I still strongly believe that people should not be coerced into doing what they feel is not right for them especially when it may impact their future and their health. Also the fact that the vaccination was not mandated fir politicians was suspicious to me. Why did they have an option to keep their jobs and income where the public was treated otherwise. They used the media much to push their agendas and I personally do not want to be a human guinea pig and lose my life or gave my health deteriorate. The natural immunity was never explored or promoted by the government. I have still not suffered from Covid-19 and believe it is because I have good natural immune system. There is more evidence and research coming out from here and around the world saying that this is not good from people that are connected to the health system.


May 16, 2023 at 10:31 pm

It was also the year when my ex husband chose to leave me after being granted permanent residency here. He left on February 19 2020. Since then I have found much evidence which he left here that is compelling in the form of pictures, screenshots and other things which helped me to understand that he is a romance scammer and till this day unconvicted for his crime that he committed. He is part of a network with members here and overseas which I am aware of. I have submitted three reports in 2020 regarding this and was never contacted in any way by the department of immigration to investigate my claims. I also have emailed ministers now and then of this situation and evidence that I have as well as spoken to many legal professionals as well as the Queensland Police and A.F.P. about this but nobody wants to know or acknowledge me to make further and comprehensive investigation on Daniel Assiaw. At present I believe that he still works as a prison guard in Townsville. It is not right and fair that the government and government bodies that I have contacted regarding this matter have chosen not to contact me to make right for not just me but the Australian people. Right now, it shows that Australia is ok to turn a blind eye to a person and people like this.

May 16, 2023 at 10:32 pm

I also have emails from Daniel as well as phone records and texts to show as evidence which I can explain.

May 16, 2023 at 11:36 pm

I do not ithink that is fair and right that this government choose to not do their jobs when they are paid by the tax payer to serve and protect the people of this country. They are just lawmakers that make the laws to protect themselves and others in high places and disrespect and disregard all the good people whom pay their taxes so they can stay in their entitled positions to rule over the people with no respect of them. They are so corrupt in what they do. They make laws and enforce the laws but themselves have made the laws that they are protected and above them and all other good people of Australia.
It is a crime that this government cannot be challenged in the way it is now. So bad and evil.

I have lost over $67,000 Aud through this uninvestigated contrived marriage and more importantly years of my life. I have all evidence of what I say and it is true and correct.
I pray that one day that all will come right and the government and Daniel and his network will be exposed for whom they are of evil and wrong. ???❤️???

I also suffered much during this time with not getting paid by Centelimk for months in 2022. I lodged a claim with Centrelink for Newstart allowance after I could not work in my city security job with Wilson’s after my cat was written off during the floods on February the 25th, 2022. I emailed my lormer local federal member Andrew Laming about it and was still unsuccessful when I tried to act on his recommendations. I was denied for months without income and nobody in Centrelink cared about me being inarrears in rent payments to the real estate, no money for food or other necessary things. I had no car…still now no car. I challenged the decision made by Centrelink by an independent government authority which I still have all legal correspondence relating to this time, and was not successful again. I then was granted my first Jobseeker payment on July 13. I could not understand how the government could be so heartless because I provided all the evidence as well as testimony from myself and a friend. So from April until July I lived not eating regularly because of no money, relying on charity organisations after using up my credit card to survive. I was granted assistance from the department of housing to pay my rent after some time. I managed to pay my bills off and then survive up until now on Jobseeker payment to pay for my rent and utilities with still minimal food. I have just completed a government program that was eight weeks in duration to satisfy my mutual obligation to Workforce Australia. I pray for better to come because I am strong still, fit in mind, body and soul for now and know that each and every day is a blessing with better and greater to come if you talk and walk in the truth by your actions. I am blessed with minimal for now, but I know that i have more riches in my spiritual belief and understanding than others of this world. I believe all happens in life for a reason and a season for the greater good in all in the righteous time good will follow if you remain true and real of whom you are.

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