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YOUR NAME: Liesl Harvey
PHONE NUMBER: 0413797020
ADDRESS: 2/17a Frederick Street
Point Frederick, NSW 2250
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of employment, Loss of life, Loss of health, Loss of freedom, Travel Costs
Discrimination and loss of income, career, health

* unable to apply for jobs in my own career, primarily working for government (still >50% of which are mandated) and being forced to apply for much lower roles or unskilled labourers
* public humiliation and attacks over remaining unjabbed and for not wearing masks publicly
* treated like an animal for being unjabbed at a medical clinic when forced to have a medical examination to apply for a particular job
* living daily in a society that still forbids me to speak about my experience and where people still openly and proudly wish my death or suffering…because I ‘deserve it’ or are to blame for supposedly perpetuating lockdowns and infections. I have lost almost all of my friends, colleagues and family. Have been excluded from family Christmas.
* have spent additional funds driving/ parking to work when I had it, rather than use public transport during strict masking mandates – couldn’t bear the daily degradation and fight of that, especially at the start of a work day. It was mostly white males who would show massive aggression. As a person who grew up with domestic violence, this was very difficult.

Loss of Income
* Conservative estimate, excluding career progression, loss of $150K income to date
* Still unable to apply for most jobs that meet my training and experience
* I’ve spent my life cash savings ($45K/ home deposit and additional savings) paying my rent and basic life expenses, however my health has suffered especially as I’ve gone without essential vitamins and health treatments (including holidays) to stretch my money as far as possible. I have an well documented autoimmune condition from a childhood vaccine injury
* I am close to homelessness, currently down to my last few thousand, (costly) rent and living expenses only partially covered by present income

Loss of Career
* Working primarily for government in arts and cultural strategy and the gallery/museums sector, with a background additionally in a science and health, I have been unable to apply for the majority of advertised roles, especially ones which fully utilise my skills and experience (eg. Creative producer of health facilities or STEAM content for the museums sector/ education / health)
* have had work contracts offered to me based on my previous excellent work, then withdrawn for failing to demonstrate proof of jab or for disclosing directly
* have withdrawn from colleagues, it’s so humiliating and I can’t tell them about my stance, and in fact many have boasted to me of career progression during this period
* don’t feel I am able to use my previous referees in gaining new employment, including an important person on my CV who knows my status and withdrew a contract offer without apology or follow up (when discovering my status)
* additionally, when I have worked I’ve been stuck with backfilling tasks from colleagues who were jabbed and constantly ill

Loss of Health
* I’ve spent many years self managing my autoimmune condition with a strict regimen of diet, exercise, rest and supplements to be able to work full time. However due to massive loss of income I’ve not been able to purchase the same quality of food and supplements, or go without entirely. This has led to a massive flare up of symptoms and loss of quality of life.
* I’m exhausted, extremely stressed and traumatised from my private experiences in recent years and am in need proper medical care and a decent holiday, neither of which I cannot access or afford. I live alone and do not have a support network should I need it again.


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