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YOUR NAME: Desmond Sullivan
PHONE NUMBER: 0426596939
ADDRESS: Parcel Locker 10266 48417 Shop 59 7-45 Redland Bay Road CAPALABA QLD 4157
Capalaba, Qld 4157
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of employment, Loss of health, Loss of freedom, False Arrest
harassed & threatened by police & falsely arrested

I was accused of assault by staff at super cheap who refused to serve me because I was not wearing a mask,,, I was abused and threatened by staff who then called the police and so did I,,, the female cuntsable that I spoke to on the phone said that it was the law and that I had to wear a mask, no exception,,, 4 officers attended 2 arrived first from
Capalaba and then the 2 females from Redland bay !!! None of them wearing masks while in the patrol cars !

They got out and spoke to me and I told them what happened, that I went into the store and was harassed for not wearing a mask, then I was abused by the staff and threatened,,, the 2 females went inside said they would watch the video,,, then came out and said I was under arrest for obstruction of trade because they knew they could not arrest me on their Bullshit convid charges of not wearing a mask !!!

I made it clear that I was exempt from wearing a mask and I was told that I had to provide proof of my exemption which was I knew was a lie,,, I was told to turn off my phone so that I could not record the bullshit that happened next,,, after telling me again that I was under arrest for obstruction of trade,,, then they proceeded to threaten me with other charges making a false report to police, assault and trespassing and said that I would be summoned to appear in court to answer all these bullshit charges !!!

I was harassed on several other occasions for not wearing a mask, threatened for not providing identification when it wasn’t necessary or legally required and harassed for knowing my rights !!!

I was also threatened by 5 detectives in Hamilton one night because I was trying to get something to eat and was harassed and abused by staff at Betty’s burgers,,, i was threatened with arrest if I didn’t leave,,, after that I was regularly pulled over and harassed and then given a fine for speeding when I was doing 60 on my speedometer in a 60 zone and allegedly doing 70 ???

Many times during convid I was harassed and threatened by police with trespass even though I was not officially trespassing or even on any private property ?

As a result of harassment and ludicrous fines like having a mobile device on my leg while behind the wheel,,, not using it in any way,,, just because it was on my leg $1000 how this is supposedly saving lives is beyond me !!!

This led to harassment from a trainer at the company I was doing my cert 3 in hr operations in order to get my hr licence reinstated !!! As a result no licence test and no hr licence due to incompetence and incorrect information being given to the training company !!! No action was taken against the trainer for making false allegations!


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