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YOUR NAME: Izak Labuschagne
PHONE NUMBER: 0452578992
ADDRESS: U2 Camron Lodge
10 Chapman drive
Clinton, State 4680
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of employment, Loss of health, Loss of freedom, Travel Costs, Application for Declaration of rights and protection order
Truncated contract with RSPCA

1. COVID 19 lockdowns truncated an internal construction contract for the RSPCA in Welcamp Toowoomba.
2. Introduction of mandated vaccines slammed to door in my face in respect of numerous potential jobs including gigs as a musician
3. Banning of Ivermectin and HCQ led to serious deterioration of chronic rickettsia that required the prophylactic and antiparasitic treatments in conjunction with antibiotics resulting in Chronic Debilitating CFS.
a. Latter condition of D-CFS made it impossible to inject the energies required to get a start-up business on the go.
4. Restraints of travel kept me from the specialist that was treating me.
5. I was threatened with incarceration when I tried to import the medication and when I tried to send them a copy of my prescription the refused to accept the email claiming that I was not authorised to communicate even though their notice invited me to do so.
6. Vilification, victimisation and criminalisation of unvaccinated persons during the lockdowns caused me to move to a rural property where I lived in a shed and fed pigs and chickens in exchange for accommodation.
7. Following the vilification, victimisation and criminalisation embodied in the calls by the QLD police commissioner to the public to report people who are (1) “antivaxxers” (2) “distrust government”, (3) “premillennialists” (4) “Conspiracy theorists” or consider themselves (5) “sovereign citizens” (an oxymoron) to the National Intelligence Services as a terrorist risk; I now need to: –
a. File an EX PARTE In CAMERA Civil Application to the Supreme Court of QLD to obtain; –
b. A declaration of fundamental rights on whether the classification of me as a terrorist is justified or not in terms of the national and international laws and regulations guiding such a classification
c. If not, that a protection order against any organ or agency of state be issued for my protection.
d. An Interlocutory Application be heard in limine to determine whether the court comprises of an independent and impartial forum and not partisan territory as provided for in Section 31 of the QLD Human rights Act of 2019.
i. Presiding judge or Corum to make disclosure and be examined in respect of any potential (1) predisposition (if for example they are vaccinated or hold a contrary or hostile religious views like post minimalist or atheist) (2) conflict of interest (if for example super fund is significantly invested in big pharma) or predisposition or (3) compromise of any other kind that could be considered an appearance of bias that could be used as a basis for proceedings for review.
e. Such other orders as the court may deem fit.
i. For example, (1) declaring the term conspiracy theorist as connoted and spun by the media as hate speech in terms of the local and international legislation relating thereto and especially in the light of the directives of the QLD Police Commissioner.
ii. That the ruling be based on a balance of probabilities, preponderance of possibilities and balance of convenience.


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