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YOUR NAME: Amie Tompkins
PHONE NUMBER: 0467656391
ADDRESS: 12 Rowe Street
Strathalbyn, SA 5255
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of property, Loss of employment, Loss of loved ones, Loss of freedom, False Arrest
It made u feel like you was imprisoned & isolated

Lost of property – with the slowly inclined cost of living and my landlord deciding to do some renovations and signing me to go end my lease and having to move back home to the old parents house and move 100km away from my sons school & his dad’s place, I also lost my shared custody and home for my son to stay in.

Lost of employment – I was laid off and had my employment terminated due to not meeting the requirements for my position as a disability support worker from the 14th of December 2020 because I didn’t not comply and follow the emergency health directive that is required to be doubled vaccinated to continue working at Cara. I have since been laid off and not been able to find another job and live off surviving on job seeker payment.and also with my ex husband, throwing money away for me standing in my lions stance being fearlessly brave to try do the right thing and stop the expertitmental vax trail on my son being used as lab rat and came to cooperating with he did his one vax job to our son and was allowed to do it without my consent. So the ever last, savings I had from leaving my work was now gone back into the belly of the system.

Lost of a life- at the beginning of the 2020 and my grandpa was double vaccinated and after the 3months of having his life cut off from the vaccine he died in his arm chair and died from a heart failure.. the odd thing is that a couple years back all the doctors and nurses were in amazement and commenting how fit he was at his age of 94, almost got to 95. Rip old grandpa, they only seem to take the goods one from us to soon!! Amen ??

Loss of loved ones – yes was very painful and heartbreaking for your loved ones turning against you because you had different opinions on vaccines and having that intervention order on me and not allowed near my sons school and having restrictions on seeing him and talking about topics that could of been a slip up and cost your life for compromising my orders on my intervention rules and orders to obey until, that day in court, that day came and I could say & be myself again. This divide between my whole family and having also to deal with that high drama and stress, was taking is toll on us..

Loss of freedom -when you cop a couple low blows to the back. Having gag orders emplaced in your face, being forced into family courts system for just trying to protect my loved baby from being further harmed and having clubs and no standing up to drink your beer. And allowing the music to be turned up & pumping system, had got the beats bouncing back through the body.. but no dancing you would be told this on few minutes later? Yeah we experienced that moment that it felt we had no freedoms or even to use a voice to speak and express ourselves, it was starting to come to darker times at some stages of our lives slowly becoming a part of nothing

False arrest – at the start of the new year and i had lost my job and had to go back to the homepage for the access to Centrelink services to do my job seeker application and at same time I looked at the new option Botton which was my vaccination records and I haven’t had many even from my past younger days and then i seen a option to view my son’s profile and that’s when I learnt he had his 1st dose since the last 3 weeks and not even a mention or given any information on informing me about this huge decision made against my will. We went back and forth on disagreeing with what we were saying about vaccines. I was in Melbourne at the time my dad mate got a call from the Police Department in Murray bridge saying I had to come back to the other side of the border and be given my summons to attend court and waa at that time served intervention orders and was on the concerns i would inflict child abuse and the school had apparently had put in something they were feeling they had make false claims against me. After the very high tensions and emotional distress and going back to courts and doing our family dispute counselling and finally made an new agreement and plan with our parenting plan and eventually by the end of the year 2022 I was able to go back into the school and have total freeddon of movement with my son and not have supervision support to see my son anymore. My lawyer said to me me, I recommend you don’t apply for your ex to have covert and pay for my legal expenses!! Because I would most likely lose and we’ll I really afford to lose anything else. And those bloody stupid cops are even more evil coming at me with child abuser allegations, ohh that in enraged my fury of fist pumping someone face out.

I like to say and consent to any winnings from this claim and the class action lawsuit against the Australian people, I will donate 10% of the proportion of the money that is won from this claim.

Thanks for the opportunity
Amie Tompkins


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