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YOUR NAME: Velvet Eldred
PHONE NUMBER: 0438218839
ADDRESS: 9 Redford Rd
Barron, Queensland 4878
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of property, Loss of employment, Loss of health, Loss of freedom, Travel Costs
I lost my job and had to move house

Was sacked from the disability and arts industry for frustration of employment contract and serious misconduct. My work at the time was and is winning national and international awards. I was bullied and harassed by HR despite being given 3 months to research side affects of vaccine to which no one could tell me anything including Doctor, Qld Disability Network. Despite the serious misconduct I was invited back to the red carpet opening of my film still with the serious misconduct over my head. I made a complaint to Fair Work who dropped my case before mediation. I was forced to move out of the house I was living due to the fear put into housemates from the media. I have also been harassed by community members to take the jab for the greater good despite being an award winning community worker. I would like to point out people experiencing disability attending the service where I worked had a choice to take the jab or not, so I could not see the sense that I could work with people unvaccinated but to work I was being forced to put something in my body without informed consent. It appears to have failed the system to understand Pfizer was court ordered to release the data. My career has been trashed. I suffered severe depression with the bullying and abuse and the demise of the body of work I have championed for 35 years. I have won Cairns Women of the Year award 2012 for inclusion in community and somehow I am too stupid to understand “just take the vaccine”. I have had to sell equipment to get through


March 13, 2023 at 2:03 pm

The service is now making mandates for a 3rd jab

March 22, 2023 at 1:26 pm

I want to add the real fear I now have been left with in my body to deal with. I feel the leaders who claimed I was now a danger, a dissident, selfish and uncaring, a Granny killer, that I could be rounded up and forcibly vaccinated or end up in a “wellness camp” have no idea of the trauma and fear I lived with or that my family lived with. The idea that someone could burst into my home, hold me down and force a jab into me had me feeling sick. I thought to flee. That I could be rounded up and sent to a camp, history evidences that this has all been done before. So now, I need counselling to deal with the trauma of INTENTIONAL CRUELTY.

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