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YOUR NAME: Wendy Meacher
PHONE NUMBER: 0401528321
SECONDARY PHONE: 02 9890 9591
ADDRESS: Aot 15 – 8/18 Briens Road,
Northmead, NSW 2152
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of life, Loss of health, Loss of loved ones
Mentally and emotionally horrendous

Mr. Leslie Raymond McComish dearest soul mate and partner for over 20 years

Les started to become ill in the early months of 2022 – no NOT CV, but when we had all the deluge of rains pouring down on the East Coast of NSW. Our apartment suffered water damage, water dripping through his bedroom ceiling, falling onto his bed – he developed a severe cough which was diagnosed as an infection caused so the specialist said by the mould spores and as such was treated accordingly. Will also add that our apartment is located less than 50 meters away from a 5G cell tower and for many hours Les used to enjoy sitting out on our balcony reading and doing crossword puzzles. Little did we know at that time the severe effects that was having on his health with maybe unknown effects on his blood.

The actual Loss of my Loved One at the very end of his life was ultimately a fairly quick transition – BUT – only because it was medically induced – and very much against my and his personal wishes that such a medical step to have been taken. We had gone to two private specialist for consultations for Les’s now worsening condition this was around May/June – one doctor was highly respected in the Homeopathic field. And the other doctor also highly respected but more along the lines of traditional medicine – his diagnosis of Les was always that if we could get him on the right pain medication and also the physical help of nursing staff coming in daily to help us – we’d be able to get him on the road to a sound recovery – with thorough blood work to enable the correct steps to a full recovery. I am not of a large stature big enough to do the physical lifting and nursing care we needed – my son who lives with us did the very best he could to help to the best of his ability but again as with myself no real experience of how to cope with the unfolding medical situation – which indeed was worsening by the day. It was indeed the most harrowing experience to see some one you love in so much pain and suffering and knowing there was no help available in the community to help us cope.

The more medical of the two specialists wanted Les to have very specific blood tests done which we arranged and paid for down in Melbourne – alas by the time the blood was actually drawn, Les had already been sadly admitted to Westmead Hospital. As of Saturday August 13th we still – had mask mandate restrictions in NSW, which neither Les or I had agreed to doing or complying with since the covid hoax had overnight been enforced upon the population. Les did NOT have covid and would have never consented to PCR testing or a Bio-weapon shot. This Saturday was the last day we’d spend together. He’d for years had issues with his prostate and during the course of the day there had been an increasing problem with water retention causing swelling and pain in his abdomen and Les was saying could I get a doctor to make a home visit – I did try – but at this particular time – no doctors were available (a two or three day wait for a home visit) and the only choice we had by early afternoon when the pain was getting much worse – did Les finally ask me to call an ambulance which I did – (there was still an eight hour wait for the ambulance to arrive). When they finally arrived – they were at least able to give Les some strong pain relief and I did ask if I’d be able to accompany him to the hospital explaining that I was unable to comply with the mask mandate regulations, and of course their immediate response was – NO – so that of course made an already stressful situation a hundred times worse. The first couple of days of Les in hospital they did tests but alas not the tests that his private doctor was requesting – took them another day or so before they came up with a complete misdiagnosis that he had stage 4 cancer (which the private blood tests we had done and had to again insist that they allow blood to be drawn which we could pick up and send via courier to Melbourne) – There was on-going lack of empathy and care shown to both Les and myself from this hospital which we now know are no more than “killing fields” – there was in particular one young and very rude intern that had finally reluctantly drawn these blood samples, actually said to Les whilst this procedure happened – “Your being a very difficult patient and we don’t have time to do unnecessary things for you” – they were angry because he’d now refused the biopsy they wanted to do, on the advice of our specialist and that we also knew that this live blood analysis would give our specialist everything he needed to know exactly what was wrong with Les and a correct course of treatment to his recovery. The blood samples which I myself picked up from the hospital even I could see were not the colour of normal blood – being very pink in colour as if it had been diluted with water. In the couple of days waiting for the test results, the hospital took it upon themselves to do PCR tests upon Les (which I know he’d never have agreed to have done) and which they never even asked my permission to do either. What they did do was to call me and say that Les had now tested positive to the PCR test – which of course was then so obvious that the only place that he could have caught it would have been in the hospital with all the staff being jabbed and then shedding of the spike protein which must have been all around him. H was then moved to an isolation ward – completely on his own and his daughters who visited were made to wear those stupid full shield helmet masks with no real or loving contact possible with their father. His eldest daughter had also been coerced into agreeing to a Morphine Death Drip being put into Les and no matter how much I begged and asked that it be removed and that Les be brought home, my pleas fell on deaf ears – in fact it was the very same young intern that had berated Les about the blood drawing, who then told me over the phone “If you don’t come and visit him now he’ll be dead within a few hours” which indeed he was. He was plain and simply murdered.

I have contacted the police as an investigation into his death had been had been suggested by a dear friend who is also a registered nurse and who said that the circumstances of his death – were not any kind of regular hospital procedure that she was aware of – and she’s been in nursing most of her life. The inspector who was placed onto the case was
Garth Neal
Crime Coordinator
Parramatta Police Area Command
E: P: 02 9633 0789 E: 78789
To this day 25/04/2023 – Sergeant Neal has never even bothered to respond to any of my emails and also to our knowledge none of the health records for Les handed over to the police inquiry. In short the police have done absolutely nothing in this most serious matters around his death.

The death certificate (copy attached) which I’ve always thought was meant to be a legal lawful document was full of lies.

The results of the live blood analysis we and the specialist received clearly showed that Les did not have even one single live cancer cell in his body. AND also No Co-vid.

We’ve also been advised since Les’s death that the hospitals because of the false PCR tests and being able to put his death down then to a covid fatality apparently received the payment of $157,000.

This of course is totally disgusting that this is allowed to be happening AND the Ambulance society also then tried to present me with a bill of nearly $500 incurred so they claim for a two minute drive to Westmead Hospital less than 5 km from our apartment. The experience of those last couple of months of last year – are not something I would ever wish on anyone – and only goes to prove what an evil state our beautiful world has now fallen into.

Wendy Meacher (deceased partner Leslie Raymond McComish) VIEW FILE

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