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This is where the main action happens, where we Australians debate, discuss and vote on ideas and issues outcomes, resolutions and solutions.

I have spent some days looking for pre-made applications on the web to fulfill this function in this prototype. The closest I’ve come to a solution, is a free app called ‘TriCider’. It seems to have the basic functionality of entering an idea/issue, debating it with many people, and then gaining votes (both positive and negative) on any outcome.

TriCider is certainly not the production answer for our Grassroots Australian Government Meritocracy, however, it can give us a bit of an idea how it will work.

If you know of any application we can use for this Meritocracy function, please contact me on

Until a proper application can be found, I have started developing a web-based prototype application myself. This will of course take time, however, I will link it into this page ASAP when it is sufficiently developed for initial functionality testing.

As mentioned above, initial presentation of function, will use the free online product called Tricider, the free online ideas/issues management system. Click below to get an idea (pun intended) of how it works.

The presentation and interface of this online system is very important to allow easy and interesting access for Australians to the multitude of ideas and issues will be debated.

Certainly I see interactive WordClouds being used, and other interactive graphical interfaces allowing Australians to click and track, analyse and take part in debate and voting.

For example,

What are the most popular issues and ideas.

What ideas and issues are approaching their debate cut off date.

Which ideas and issues have received the most votes.

Type in an issue or idea, and see all the associated issues and ideas being debated.

Which issues and ideas have been approved for presentation to the Australian People.

And so on.

Joining the MAHA class action?

Becoming a MAHA Vendor?

Joining the MAHA class action?

Becoming a MAHA Vendor?