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Make Australia Healthy Again!The official launch of MAHA, from founder Solihin Millin.
“The safety of our children, both born and unborn, is what motivates me,” says Sol Millin, a retired Melbourne IT consultant and grandparent. 
Sol has started a national movement called Make Australia Healthy Again (MAHA).
He wants ALL Australians to know that vaccines have NEVER been properly safety tested.
No vaccine has ever undergone double-blind, controlled trials  using an INERT placebo. This is the gold standard of pharmaceutical testing.
Robert F Kennedy Jr explains this in a recent speech.Video:
Vaccine manufacturers have used a loophole in testing laws. That is that vaccines are classified as biologics and not as pharmaceutical drugs. This allows them to do vastly less testing. This means new vaccines can be rushed to market. They don’t need to PROVE they work. They don’t need to PROVE they are safe, BEFORE they are licenced and sold.
See, ‘Where are Australia’s vaccines made?’Judy Wilyman PhD
“Our babies and children are being injected with vaccines containing known poisons, carcinogins, neurotoxins and immunotoxins and all sorts of foreign DNA, both male and female, from monkeys, chickens, human fetuses, worms, the list goes on,” says Sol.
For official verification of this see the CDC website: References, see:Vaccine ingredients sorted by vaccine:
“Now the Australian Government is coercing Australians to vaccinate using the scientifically fraudulent concept of herd immunity,” Sol says.
See Robert F Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense, Herd Immunity. A False Rationale For Vaccine Mandates.
Sol continues, “Where vaccine testing has been done in the past, it has been trivial, unscientific and over short periods of time. The placebos used in the testing have been toxic adjuvants, like aluminum, or even other vaccines.
Vaccines are NOT safe, as the Australian Government keeps saying.”
Sol comes from a background of academia after studying physics and applied maths. He says, “The Australian Government’s vaccine-coercion policies are killing & maiming our innocent Australian babies and children.
From my childhood to today, I have seen the shocking health decline in children.
Before vaccines, autism was basically unheard of. Now, around 1 in 40 children in Australia are autistic. It is estimated that by 2025, at current rates,1 in 2 children may be autistic.”
Sol has issued the Australian government with a Notice of Liability telling them, “You are personally liable for the damage you are inflicting on the Australian population FROM the current vaccination program and policies.”
Sol has delivered his liability notice to each of the 151 members of Parliament.
Sol urges all Australians, concerned with the health of our children, to demand that the Australian Government properly safety-test vaccines.
He urges people to send the Government this 9-page document:
“After politicians have read this document they can’t claim ignorance,” he says.
Sol has challenged the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and elected MPs, that they respond to the notice of liability by November 1. He is asking that they withdraw all government vaccine coercion, until all vaccines are fully, and scientifically, safety-tested. 
As an act of love and education, Sol plans to visit Canberra In September to organise a sit-in at Parliament House, featuring Australian artists and musicians, in collaboration with Indigenous Australians. 
“I come not in anger, but in love and service for our children, born and unborn.”
To contact Sol Millin you can email him at:solmillin@gmail.comHe is available for interviews and photos.
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