Let’s make our children safe

The Australian Government is now coercing Australians to inject poisonous untested vaccines (see our Press Release on the Home Page).  Western Australia has just passed draconian laws which can get children and adults arrested, stripped and force vaccinated !!  Far worse than anything George Orwell forsaw.  We must take a stand.

Our Story

In early July 2019, we served a Notice of Liability to the Australian Government for the atrocities they are supporting and allowing with their shocking vaccine coercion laws based on the scientific fraud of ‘Vaccine Safety’ and ‘Herd Immunity of Vaccines’.

We are mounting a campaign to stop this utter madness.

Meet the Team

On this day the 27th of August in the Year of Our Lord 2020 we have Created the Make Australia Healthy Again Charitable Trust.

We now have our ABN 82 613 170 997 (Australian Business Number)

Congratulations to the Trustees. Nick Doslov, Solihin Millin (Founder), and Jacquie Dundee

We’re starting off small as all things do.  We’re a team of dedicated Australian Mums and Dads and Grandparents who are really concerned for the safety and well-being of our Australian children and our grandchildren. Here is a pictures of Sol, Nick and Jacquie.  Many of us don’t wish to post our pictures because we may incur the wrath of the Australian Government and other Governmental Organisations, neighbours, family and others who wish to punish us for questioning the status quo of lies and deceit that surround the Vaccine Industry.  All spawned of course by the Vaccine Suppliers, Companies that continue to face many legal cases for Fraud and Deceit and Malpractice.  We’re here to educate Governments and all Australians into the reality that Vaccines are poisonous and have NEVER been correctly Safety Tested (Double Blind Placebo Test).  As you may have noticed all media Vaccine discussion are totally banned in Australia.  The Media and Government have been bought by Big Pharma and live in fear of losing funding if they allow us to speak out.

Please contact us if you’d like to help

Here are the Trustees. Solihin Millin is the Founder. Sol is a retired Australian IT consultant and grandfather. Nick Doslov is originally from Serbia. Nick is an Artist, Bookbinder and Videotographer. And Jacquie is our amazing MAHA Lioness Angel.

About the Trustees

Jacquie Dundee, our amazing MAHA Lioness Angel, a wonderful true dinky di Australian, fighting tirelessly for our God Given Rights of all Australians. Jacquie is just amazing in her tenacity, her beauty, her power and her Motherhood. Jacquie has all the attributes to defend our Australian Constitutional Rights. Jacquie is a mother, our dear friend and an absolutely true Australian.

Nick Doslov, born 26 November 1958 in Titel Serbia, migrated to Australia in 1970, went to Collingwood Technical College 1977, completed an Apprenticeship Indenture in 1980 at Melbourne College of Graphic Art and Printing as a hand Bookbinder and Finisher. Established my business “Renaissance Bookbinding” in 1981 and have been self employed until the present day, specialising in Fine Bookbinding, Restoration, Conservation, Letterpress Printing and Conducting Private Workshops. “I play electric Bass, Mandolin, Balalaika, and Acoustic Guitars, over the years I played in few bands which inspired me to make my own slides for concerts, and build special effects like Kaleidoscopes used in live streaming and a variety of Analogue and Digital projectors for Art Installations, Shows and Exhibitions. I established “Jupiter Projections in 2018”. I have been caring for my Father since 2005. My Father sadly Passed away on 11 August 2020, God Bless his Soul.”

Solihin Millin, born 25 March 1944, in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the age of 12 Sol realized that what meets the eye is not Reality and he embarked on his life-long quest to ‘find God’. At the age of 76, Sol has been blessed with many wonderful experiences of Spirit and his psychic vision is somewhat active. Recently, prior to the initial August 9 2020 Freedom Day Protest against Covid-19 Lockdown in Victoria, Australia, on Friday August 7 2020, Almighty God and Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared in a Great and Glorious Light in Sol’s little Windsor apartment and informed Sol ‘The meek shall Inherit the Earth’. This experience has changed Sol completely. After the initial Freedom Day protest and before the second Freedom Day protest, Almighty God once again appeared to Sol in his little Windsor apartment and announced ‘I have Decided to take over Governance of Australia and clear all corruption and clean Australia’. This Great Event happened on August 30 2020. Sol is Dux of one of the greatest schools in Africa, Hilton College and has a 1st class B.Sc. Degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics. Sol is also a parent and a grandfather. As a scientist, Sol also is working on uncovering the secrets of Water. See www.orgon.com.au