Let’s make our children safe

The Australian Government is now coercing Australians to inject poisonous untested vaccines (see our Press Release on the Home Page).  Western Australia has just passed draconian laws which can get children and adults arrested, stripped and force vaccinated !!  Far worse than anything George Orwell forsaw.  We must take a stand.

Our Story

We’re just starting out, by delivering a Notice of Liability to the Australian Government for the atrocities they are supporting and allowing with their shocking vaccine coercion laws based on the scientific fraud of ‘Vaccine Safety’ and ‘Herd Immunity of Vaccines’.

We are mounting a campaign to stop this utter madness.

Meet the Team

We’re starting off small as all things do.  We’re a team of dedicated Australian Mums and Dads and Grandparents who are really concerned for the safety and well-being of our Australian children and our grandchildren. Here is a picture of Sol.  Many of us don’t wish to post our pictures because we may incur the wrath of the Australian Government and other Governmental Organisations, neighbours, family and others who wish to punish us for questioning the status quo of lies and deceit that surround the Vaccine Industry.  All spawned of course by the Vaccine Suppliers, Companies that continue to face many legal cases for Fraud and Deceit and Malpractice.  We’re here to educate Governments and all Australians into the reality that Vaccines are poisonous and have NEVER been correctly Safety Tested (Double Blind Placebo Test).  As you may have noticed all media Vaccine discussion are totally banned in Australia.  The Media and Government have been bought by Big Pharma and live in fear of losing funding if they allow us to speak out.

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Solihin Millin

Retired Australian IT consultant and grandfather