Make Australia Healthy Again

Australian Vaccine Death and Injury

Vaccines have NEVER been Safety Tested.

It is estimated using the Australian Governments own DAEN Vaccine Injury database (Database of Adverse Events Notifications) that 4000 innocent Australian babies children and adults, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, have been killed by the administration of vaccines in Australia since 1989.

1,500,000 innocent Australian babies children and adults, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, have been maimed and crippled by the administration of vaccines in Australia since 1989.

These figures are based on the Australian Governments own TGA Database of Adverse Events Notification from 1989 to the present day, using Harvard University Research Study on the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) database in the USA which reports that less than 1% of death and injury due to vaccines are recorded.

Vaccines have never been safety tested in Australia or anywhere in the World by the gold standard double blind placebo test. This is the only test that clearly shows the difference between people given an inert sugar pill or saline solution, and people given the vaccine.

Safety testing of Vaccines is in essence non-existent.

Vaccines are poisonous.

Autism was unknown before vaccines were prescribed for our nation in 1989. Now 1 in 40 children is Autistic. Autism has been squarely proven to be caused by vaccines by numerous peer reviewed scientific studies. Vaccines contain Aluminium which is injected directly into our children’s blood stream and goes straight into their brains and causes Autism and many other neurological disoders.

By 2025 it is estimated that 1 in 2 children may be Autistic in Australia.
Not only this. Our children are the sickest they have ever been. Now they suffer diseases which were unheard of in our day, neurological diseases, auto-immune diseases, cancer, arthitis, diabetes, the list goes on, all traced to poisons injected into our children in vaccines.

Our babies and children are being injected with untested vaccines containing known poisons, carcinogins, neurotoxins and immunotoxins and all sorts of foreign DNA, both male and female, from monkeys, chickens, dead human fetuses, worms, the list goes on.

Herd Immunity of Vaccines is a Scam.

Our ignorant Australian Governments and Media are funded and controlled by Big Pharmaceutical Companies, who are mandating Vaccine Coercion. This is being done through the scam of Herd Immunity of Vaccines, a fraudulent concept introduced by the Pharmaceutical Industry, that has no scientific basis whatsoever.

My name is Solihin Millin, the founder of MAHA, Make Australia Healthy Again.

We come here in Love and Peace to educate our Ignorant Australian Governments.
Brothers and sisters, mums and dads and children, Indigenous and non-Indiginous Australians we Australians are facing a crisis of Health for our children.

We the Australian People, are higher than our Government. We tell the Government what to do. However, without our permission, the Australian Governments at the behest of the Pharmaceutical Industry who wish to maximize profits from the supply of untested vaccines, are mandating vaccine coercion.

Because of the geographic difficulties in Africa of reaching all people, a study was done on African children who had and had not received the Dtap vaccine. Children who had been vaccinated died ten times more often than those that had not been vaccinated.

The Governments of Australia are poisoning and killing our children. This has to stop.
We are here to educate our ignorant Governments of the lethal dangers and horrors of vaccines.

On July 1 we delivered a Notice of Liability to each and every Member of Parliament explaining the Truth about Vaccines, that Herd Immunity of Vaccines is a Scam and that Vaccines have never been properly Safety tested.

We explain to the Members of Parliament that we the People of Australia, hold them, the Australian Politicians, personally as man or woman, Liable for this ignorant Murder and Maiming of innocent Australian babies, children and adults.
We the Australian People demand:

  1. The Australian Government retract these criminally fraudulent actions of attempted Vaccine Coercion.
  2. Give full and complete and adequate and fair compensation to Australian babies children and adults who have been harmed by these criminally fraudulent actions of attempted Vaccine Coercion.
  3. Offer a full and complete apology to the Australian Nation as a Whole.
  4. Implement an up to date accurate fully controlled MANDATORY end to end Reporting and Management and Compensation system for Vaccine Injury and potential Vaccine Injury of Australians caused by Vaccinations within Australia.
  5. Ensure that through Mandatory Law before any Australians receives any Vaccination that Australians are given full disclosure at the time and just before the associated Vaccination are administered and received of any and all potential harm that these Vaccinations may cause to the person being Vaccinated.
  6. Ensure MANDATORY and full and complete scientific and publically accessible double blind placebo safety testing of all Vaccines before they are given to any Australians.
    We are giving our Governments till November 1 to fix this terrible situation. If they don’t we are going to take them personally to the High Court of Australia for pre-meditated Murder and Maiming of our innocent Australian babies, children and adults.

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Joining the MAHA class action?

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