Make Australia Healthy Again

Concepts of MAHA Rural Communities For discussion - October 2021


With the current shocking abusive over-reaction of the Australian Government to a non-existent medical emergency based on a non-existent ‘virus’ SarsCov2, a non-existent disease Covid which is colds and flu renamed and a useless PCR false positive test which was never designed for and cannot test for a disease.



It is clear that the corporate Australian politicians and their bosses, the international pharmaceutical companies and their plutocratic NWO bankers wish to inject their poisons into the entire population of Australia.



There are many of us who object to this shocking unlawful takeover of Australia and it’s quite clear that we will very soon be targeted by becoming second class citizens and being denied common everyday rights of all Australian citizens, eg. freedom to go about our daily lives and even shop for food.



We at MAHA are fighting for our rights in court, however, we feel an urgent need during these shocking ‘end times’ which were prophesied in many religions including Judaism, Islam, Yoga and the Vedas and Christianity to build remote self-sustainable communities in rural Australia to ride out these shocking times.



We envisage a general exodus of many Australians who disagree with being poisoned by pharmaceutical injection from major cities to self-sustainable rural communities.



The MAHA communities will be charitable, and based on the values of Love All, Serve All, Truth, Unconditional Love, Virtue (Help Ever, Hurt Never), Peace and Non-violence.



All forms of Worship of Almighty God will be encouraged and supported.



Self-sustainability will include:





Power in the form of solar, steam and other.

Building materials, eg. river rocks, sand and timber.

Permaculture vegetables and fruit.

Animals and chickens

Communications eg Ham radio.

Social support.

Art, Music, Dance, Yoga, Joy


Medical / Dental.

and other essential services



Form of Governance



Over a number of years we have developed a form of Governance we call a grass roots meritocracy, for the community by the community. Please see our website



We are actively seeking rural property right now and wish to offer various financial models to MAHA supporters to consider.



1. Property owned by MAHA a not for profit charitable trust.


Supporters can freely financially donate or can be offered tradable shares in return for financial donations depending on assets/finances offered to establish and sustain the community.


2. Tenancy in Common and Joint Tenancy models.


3. Property owned by Investors and usage of the land gifted to MAHA.



Invitation to live on the MAHA Community will be offered to people who accept our MAHA human values and understand their responsibility to positively integrate and take part in the community with work and service ethics.



We envisage a beautiful joyful creative positive experience of working and creating and living together in nature, in love and peace and mutual respect.



If you are interested in taking part and/or financing this project please register and tell us your ideas and how you can help bring our MAHA communities to fruition.



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Joining the MAHA class action?

Becoming a MAHA Vendor?