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A God Given Opportunity

In my case C2/2021 in the High Court of Australia, the Respondent

the Victorian Government are trying to stop C2/2021, my Section 40 application to the High Court of Australia of Questions of Law from the Victorian Melbourne Magistrates’ Court matter L12182685, concerning my arrest for Protesting against the Covid Lockdowns in Australia.

The Victoria Police are represented by the Victorian Government Solicitor Matthew Hocking, leading the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office. Matthew is the primary source of legal services for the government and public sector agencies, including the Attorney-General and Ministers and Secretaries.  Matthew was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2000. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Business School) and a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University.

So… a little bit of serious competition here !!

In their Response they asked for Facts !

What a God Given opportunity to ‘Sock It to Them’, ie. with the FACTS.

And that is precisely what I have done in my Reply:

Of course, what the High Court of Australia Judges do with this is another matter. 

But at least the ideas have been placed in the High Court of Australia.

Woo hoo !

For once in this tedious road of legal battle I feel full of joy, good humor and power.

A primary document in this case can be found here and this reply can be found here.

What we need, if the case proceeds to be heard by the High Court of Australia Judiciary, are Facts, facts, facts.

I’m hoping that dear Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his experts and our MAHA Legal Team can supply these facts and in addition, appear via Video link in the High Court of Australia as Expert Witnesses during this Case.

We will WIN !

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Our Australian Champion of Justice and Truth

Serene Teffaha speaks out against endemic Australian Governmental, Legal, Administrative and Policing Injustice, Abuse and Corruption.

Good on you and God Bless dear Serene. We’re all behind you. We will WIN !

Almighty God is supporting our Fight for Justice and Truth.

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‘Safe and Effective’

When are the idiots in the Australian Government going to WAKE UP

These experimental medical injections are NOT SAFE AND EFFECTIVE


Latest figures show a 6000% INCREASE in ‘vaccine’ death since last year in the USA due entirely to these untested experimental Covid medical injections.

And 4,576 DEAD 199,213 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’.

Stop this idiotic roll out poisoning Australians for Influenza renamed Covid.

They haven’t even been able to isolate the so called FEAR VIRUS Sarscov-2

It doesn’t exist. Just as Covid is a renaming of Influenza.

What utter Criminal Idiots

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Good on you – dear Serene

Australia currently is riddled with Corruption at all levels.

It certainly needs brave souls indeed to stand up to this shocking Evil.

The current God of many of these so called ‘leaders of society’, in many professions including Law, Politics, State and Federal Government, Policing and Medical Administration is Money and Power and Deceit. All supported by the most corrupt industries, bankers, corporations and organisations in the World, in particular the Pharmaceutical Industries who now control the World Health Organisation and the United Nations, who are attempting to form a One World Government to enslave our Human Race through a totally false Covid ‘Global Emergency’.

Serene Teffaha is standing up to this shocking corruption.

God Bless you Serene. May you be Graced and Protected by Almighty God in your fight for Justice and Truth and Love.

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Bombshell – Australian Statistics and Science PROVE NO COVID EMERGENCY

MAHA has just received this statistical and scientific evidence that proves beyond doubt that there is NO COVID EMERGENCY in Australia.

Please read and spread this information far and wide.