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YOUR NAME: Elisha Solomon
PHONE NUMBER: 0406399226
ADDRESS: 42 Terrigal Street
Morisset, New South Wales 2264
YOUR DAMAGES: Loss of property, Loss of employment, Loss of health, Loss of loved ones, Loss of freedom, Travel Costs, Wasn’t able to go to the office so couldn’t work
Loss of work. Unable to work from home. Forced

Because of our loss of income so now struggling to keep home. We have used all our savings and can’t make repayments .
Forced to take leave and can’t go back to work due to not getting the jab
Forced to get PCR test which damaged icy sinuses
I collapsed and got taken to hospital via ambulance
I had mass inflammation and pain pressing in my brain
No one has wanted to help me and I have ongoing medical costs and ongoing health issues since.
My grandma passed away in a nursing home and we weren’t allowed to see her so we didn’t see her for moths and we didn’t get to say goodbye and I have never been able to cope with it .
Wasn’t able to continue seeing friends or family and have anxiety now.

I was attacked in the train as the lack of staff and huh crime during lockdown.

I had to pay more for going to the office and having kids home from school due to lockdowns we lost income and the kids have fallen behind

Couldn’t have support with me during my pregnancy due to restrictions hubby wasn’t even allowed to appts at all and we lost that experience together.

Had to have PCR and RAT and masks causing me further health issues during pregnancy.

My baby learning facial cues and social skills due to masks and social distancing rules and lockdowns.

Not getting proper medical treatment and nearly losing my baby due to lack of care from gp because I question him wanting to give me the jab while pregnant.

Living day to day due to increased medical bills.

The fact that it’s caused interest rates and cost of living and fuel to rise so we are all suffering but without invoke we are going to lose our home and have nowhere to go with 3 kids.

Kids ended up with bleeding noses from all the forced PCRs

Migraines and vision deteriorating, sinus issues, weight gain, stress, anxiety, depression, loss of connection and family not wanting to see us because not jabbed.


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Joining the MAHA class action?

Becoming a MAHA Vendor?