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Good day, ladies and gentlemen, fellow Australians.
Today’s demonstration is based on our Human Values of Truth, Unconditional Love, Virtue (Help Ever, Hurt Never), Peace and Non-Violence. Thus we will treat our Police personnel with all respect due to them.
The Australian Governments are destroying our country and our people, our families, our businesses and our peace through spreading totally unfounded fear and panic based on unfounded premises that there is a SARSCoV2 virus (which has never been scientifically isolated) which causes a disease Covid-19 which has never been scientifically defined that has cold and flu symptoms that is tested for by an completely inaccurate RT/PCR test, that tests for RNA fragments common in all living creatures.This absolute load of total unscientific rubbish is being used to destroy our peace, our country, our families, our economy, our future.Let me repeat, the so called SARSCoV2 virus has never been isolated.Covid-19 is not a scientifically defined diseaseThe RT/PCR test being used to destroy our lives and our country is totally false and tests for RNA fragments common in all life forms, including pawpaws, goats and birds as demonstrated by the President of Tanzania.We are being used by ‘Powers that Be’ to achieve their aim, which is Corporate World Domination and Control of all people through Fear.This current supposed Covid19 Pandemic is a Biochemical Arm of a Military Coup currently operating in Australia to take every Australian into an International Agenda to form a One World Government.In addition, without our consent, the Australian Governments are proceeding with the implementation of 5G in Australia which has never been safety tested. Scientific studies are now coming out that show that 5G electromagnetic waves have a shocking negative effect on the uptake of oxygen in human beings and consequently cause a lethal pulmonary disease. These symptoms have been seen around the World. Many believe this new 5G disease is being mis-diagnosed as Covid-19 for Political and Corporate Purposes..Recently on the 5th of May 2020 I submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Australian Government Department of Health FOI 1709 IR‘Can you please release the data via return email to me on how many persons who have supposedly died of Covid19 in Australia have received flu vaccinations in the last 3 months of their lives.’On the 30th of June after numerous governmental delays and deferrals my request was denied.My request was denied ! It is totally obvious that the Government has the exact figures. What are they hiding? Are these so called Covid-19 deaths caused by injection of flu and vaccine poisons into the compromised immune systems of our old folk?We need an Independent Scientific Investigation into these old age deaths, which the Government are claiming are Covid-19.We need to find the true cause, not the Political cause.In addition, multiple medically and scientifically fully qualified reports have surfaced of the effectiveness of hydroxychloraquine and other associated drugs in curing this condition. As a consequence the American CDC and the Australian TGA have BANNED the use of hydroxychloriquine for use in these cases. I’ll say that again, the Australian Theraputic Goods Administration has BANNED the use of hydroxychloriquine for use in these cases.People in higher latitude parts of the world – greater than 35 degrees north or south, such as here in Victoria, tend to develop Vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight in winter. This deficiency reduces immunity, causing a predictable increased risk of illnesses such as colds and flu with symptoms falsely assigned to Covid-19. Without compensatory Vitamin D3 supplementation, we can expect a growing surge in cases and deaths from these illnesses in at-risk vitamin D deficient people in the next 3 months. Professor Ian Brighthope has been making representations to government advisors, politicians and the media in the last 4 months that have been completely ignored. In addition, the Government is forcing all Victorians to re-breath our out-going breath full of pollutants, carbon dioxide and pathogens. This is causing more illness and suffering. This is Political and Medical madness at it’s worst. Absolutely NO interest whatsoever in the good health of the Nation. All we hear about is a Vaccine, a Vaccine, a Vaccine. Corporate Insanity.Our Commonwealth Politicians and their advisors in my opinion are Murders. They are the Scum of the Earth. They are Pharmaceutical Industry Puppets.All our human rights are being stripped from us.There is NO Pandemic. There is NO EpidemicThere are 26 million Australians. Less than 200 deaths have been assigned to Covid-19 over a period of 6 months, that is less than 40 Australians per month. Do you know how many Australians die in a month, normally? Over 13,000The Government’s Covid-19 figures show a death rate, 150 less deadly, than the common flu. Their so called Covid-19 is 150 times less deadly than the common flu.Ladies and gentlemen, your lives are being stripped from you by the most idiotic murdering corporate scoundrels in Australian and the World History, so called politicians working for International Profit and Control driven Pharmaceutical and Banking Corporations.The final proof of a Pandemic is ‘How many people are dying’.This shocking group of Governmental idiots has stooped to hi-jacking influenza and natural old age death from co-morbidity issues, ie, old people who die of heart failure, or cancer, or diabetes, or pneumonia or something else, and because the Government assume these unfortunate old-aged Australians have Covid-19 they say they die of Covid-19.Here is a verbatim quote from the Australian Bureau of StatisticsRecording Covid-19 death on the death certificateThe new coronavirus strain (COVID-19) should be recorded on the medical cause of death certificate for ALL decedents where the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death. This is shocking abuse of Power. You can find this information on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website. is no increase in deaths in Australia. We are being lied to.There is NO SCIENCE being applied.It’s a Corporate Political corrupted Worldwide SCAM.Who says these tests are accurate? What Quality Assurance has been done. What double blind tests have been performed. None.Where are the Australian independent scientists testing all these assumptions. That’s all they are. Assumptions. A Corporate Political psychological SCAM of unscientific assumptions, and shocking fear mongering to achieve Corporate Domination of the World.A total CON ladies and gentlemen.Democracy has failed. Democracy has been usurped by Corporatocracy. Corporations are Fascist. Top down controlling entities.Corporations has one aim in mind. Money and Power.The whole world has been taken over by Corporations, The Australian Government is a Corporation, the Banks are Corporations. the Courts are Corporations. Under our noses, the Australian Government has hijacked our 1901 Constitution without our permission. They have written their own Corporate Constitution, in an effort to reduce the Power of the People and increase their power, without our permission. As I mentioned previously, this current supposed Covid19 Pandemic is a Biochemical Arm of a Military Coup currently operating in Australia to take every Australian into an International Agenda to form a One World Government. You must understand that YOU are the Power in Australia. These politicians and governments are Public Servant. your servants. They have usurped their position. They are Traitors.These corporations have infiltrated every part of Government. The World Health Organisation is now totally controlled by the Pharmaceutical and the Vaccine Industry and their International Bankers. The United Nations is now controlled by these very same Corporations. The United Nations no longer represents the interests of the Peoples of Planet Earth.The Pharmaceutical Corporations control our Medical Universities, Hospitals and Associations, APHRA, the AMA, our TGA and our Governments and our Media. The whole thing is now one huge rort. Doctors are controlled to no longer have your interests at heart, they follow Pharmaceutical controlled governmental guidelines to create more sickness and sell more drugs.The utterly shocking and destructive, totally inappropriate Lockdowns and health guideline are examples. These Lockdowns and forcing all Victorians to wear masks is psychological Warfare against all Victorians. Our lives, families, businesses, assets and mental health are being destroyed. We are getting sick and being put in harms way through these forced Lockdowns and forced wearing of masks. These restrictions are not working and are causing shocking totally unnecessary destruction. It is estimated 3000 Australians will commit suicide as a direct result of these restrictions. There is also a shocking rise in psychological disease, domestic violence and murder.When is the last time you heard a public debate about Covid-19 or Coercive Vaccination, or Mandated Medicine in Australia?Our Media are lying to us. They are pawns of corrupt Governments and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Everything not in agreement with Governmental Policy is suppressed. It’s one size fits all. Ther is NO DEBATE. When is the last time you heard ANY Public debate on these subjects.Covid-19 is a total Planned pre-organised Corporate and Pharmaceutical Marketing SCAM.A Biochemical Arm of a Military Coup currently operating in Australia to take every Australian into an International Agenda to form a One World Government.The biggest SCAM in the History of the World.Wake Up Australia. Wake Up Australia.What should we do.

Stop all restrictions. They are not working and are causing shocking totally unnecessary destruction of Australian lives, families, businesses, homes and health. It is estimated 3000 Australians will commit suicide as a direct result of these restrictions. There is also a shocking rise in psychological disease, domestic violence and murder.Continue to look after our elderly as we always have.

Give Hydroxychloriquine and associated drugs to people who have deadly symptoms of shortness of oxygen.

Set up independent scientific bodies to independently use double blind and other proven scientific methods to test all these shocking assumptions that have been made.

This is actually happening in Germany. An independent COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee has been launched and is examining the similar shocking situation in Germany. Look up I encourage you to. And please follow this very positive scientific inquiry initiative.

We at MakeAustraliaHealthyAgain are working closely with them.

Please donate to to support our efforts.

On Friday the 10th of July, the Victorian Chief Commissioner of Police, the Premier and the Health Minister were legally served with scientific documentation proving these facts of this Covid-19 SCAM. These Public Servants are now obligated to investigate the evidence that has been legally presented to them.

You can read the details on the website actions in this matter are vital to protect the future our our children and our grandchildren and all Australian children to come.Thank you.

During this Freedom Day Demonstration, this Sunday August 9th on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne, we can be certain that we are on the side of Natural Justice.Our chosen demonstration demeanour will be based on our Human Values of Truth, Unconditional Love, Virtue (Help Ever, Hurt Never), Peace and Non-Violence.Thus we will treat our Police personnel with all respect due to them. If they wish to arbitrarily fine or arrest us this will be fine with us. We will not resist in any way. These matter will be resolved in Court.We intend to be quite transparent as to who we are. While under Common Law we have the right to withhold all information from the Police unless we are charged with committing a crime, we recommend to voluntarily provide identification together with the following document (see below).Please remember, if anyone arbitrarily fines or arrests you, you have the right and should ask for the details of their name, rank and number. Taking a photograph or video is a good way to do this. We encourage you to record the protest.



To any and all Victorian Police Officer, Security Guard, Army, Council or Health Personal, and to any purported claimed authority.
This current supposed Covid19 Pandemic is a Biochemical Arm of a Military Coup currently operating in Australia to take every Australian into an International Agenda to form a One World Government.
a) I have the right to peaceful demonstrate.b) Are you going to arrest or fine me?
If you arrest or arbitrarily fine me, you enable me the right to place you in the Witness Box in the Melbourne Magistrates Court and I can tell you what my first few questions may be:

  1. Have you a valid Constitutional Grant of Power after the illegal removal of the Crown?
  2. Why didn’t Mr. Robert Hulls the former Attorney General of Victoria stand trial on Criminal Charges he was charged with?
  3. Why have the Victorian Police not proceeded with this arrest?
  4. Why did Geoffrey Nettle not go to trial but was actually promoted into the High Court of Australia?
  5. Why is there no Hansard Legislative record of the 3rd Reading or Vote Count on the Local Government Act 1989?

This matter now requires a 78B Notice pursuant to the Judiciary Act of 1903 Section 78B

Under the Crimes Act 1958 Section 9A, I may also charge you for an offence with maximum Penalty of Life Imprisonment.

Section 78B of the Act requires Australian courts to ensure that the parties give notice to the Attorneys-Generals of the Commonwealth and each state before proceeding with any case involving: “MATTERS ARISING UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.” The Commonwealth and state governments may then intervene in the case under this section 78B.

The Victorian Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gatley used to be the Electoral Commissioner of Western Australia, and was a Commander of an Australian Warship HMAS Torrens that went into Timor and he is under Diplomatic Immunity because he works for and is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Check 1903 Judiciary Act Section 78b for 78b Notice and section 88 Regulation.

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