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Our Australian Founding Fathers (and Mothers) were made of True Grit.
As an Aged Pensioner I AUTOMATICALLY get Exemption from all Filing and Hearing fees in the High Court of Australia !
When I submit the case, being self represented, the case is examined by one or more High Court Judges to see if it has Merit.  This can take a number of months. Which in essence only allows the case to go forward to the High Court if it is worthy.  Another HUGE advantage.



This lodgement of Case M18/2020 can be seen below. Feel free to distribute.

This Matter was subsequently rejected for lodgement with the High Court of Australia by Justice Gageler. So on advice from the Melbourne High Court Registry, we then lodged a Form 31 EX PARTE APPLICATION FOR LEAVE TO ISSUE OR FILE which was successfully filed.

Justice Gordon refused the Exparte Application on what we believe are very dubious grounds, so once again we went into battle and lodged an Appeal which has been successfully filed as Case M31/2020

Apparently, it will take a few months for the High Court to look at our Appeal. Hopefully it will be accepted and our original Case M18/2020 will go forward and be heard in the High Court of Australia. We will keep you posted.



Filing and hearing fees can run into $10,000’s even $100,000’s of dollars.  I will be completely exempt from these fees as an aged pensioner ! This is all amazing news.  It opens up many Legal Avenues for us all, since I would suggest many of us who are Pro-Choice and Pro-Safety fall into the following categories:
Use this (fee exemption) form if:
⦁ you are receiving legal aid for your proceeding in the High Court of Australia; or
⦁ you are the primary cardholder of a Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or any other card that entitles you to Commonwealth health concessions (this does not extend to a dependant of the primary cardholder), or
⦁ you are an inmate of a prison or otherwise detained in a public institution, or
⦁ you are younger than 18, or
⦁ you are receiving youth allowance or Austudy payments or Abstudy benefits, or
⦁ you have been granted assistance under Part 11 of the Native Title Act 1993 for your proceeding in the High Court of Australia, or
⦁ you act as litigation guardian for any of the above.

AND all new cases from 1 January 2020 should be filed electronically through the Digital Lodgement System Portal. This makes it so much easier to run a case.

The original lodgement of M18/2020 was made on 29th January, 2020.

If I had not been an Aged Pensioner each lodgement alone would have cost in the region of $3850.

It has taken 3 attempts at filing to get the original M18/2020 Writ approved, ie.

If I hadn’t been an Aged Pensioner, it may have cost in the region of 3 x $3850 = $11,550

And this was just for the original M18/2020 document!

May God Bless us in this very important Matter.
Love and peace,
Sol 🙂


Solihin Millin v Commonwealth of Australia

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Solihin Millin <>
Date: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 7:03 AM
To: Minister <>, Minister <>, Burns, Josh (MP) <>, Australian Human Rights Commission <>

High Court of Australia

Solihin Millin v the Australian Government
This is a case of far reaching consequence, highlighting Australian Governmental ignorance, incompetence, self interest, arrogance, corruption,  malfeasance and misfeasance on a scale never before experienced where, because of these failings, the very Parliament of Australia and the States of Australia, have  passed  laws and acts criminal in nature, such as to routinely kill and maim innocent Australian babies, children and adults, the very people for whom these Australian Governments should be acting and protecting.
These laws and acts have over-reached in impacting and taking away God-given rights of Australian Citizens and the families to decide what substances they chose and chose not to place within their own physical bodies.
It is a case highlighting the devolution of Australian Democracy into the mire of Corporatocracy, where self interested Corporations continue to bribe and corrupt and control the Australian Government for the Corporations’ goals to maximise profits with no interest in the safety or well being of Australians in so doing.
In modern government there is a Fourth Estate, the Public Media, who have subsequently and consequentially been similarly bribed, corrupted, controlled and muzzled by both these Corporations and the corrupted Australian Governments, to such an extent that any and all debate about this matter has been nullified creating further death and suffering of innocent Australians on such a scale that it can only be seen as sheer immoral Evil.
These words and statements will be legally and evidentially proven by the Prosecution in the High Court of Australia during this case.
1. The Australian Government retract these criminally fraudulent restrictions conscriptions bribes and other actions associated with attempted Vaccine Coercion of our Australian People.
2. Give full and complete and adequate and fair compensation to Australian babies children and adults who have been harmed by these criminally fraudulent actions of attempted Vaccine Coercion.
3. Offer a full and complete apology to the Australian Nation as a Whole.
4. Implement an up to date accurate fully controlled MANDATORY end to end Reporting and Management and Compensation system for Vaccine Injury and potential Vaccine Injury of Australians caused by Vaccinations within Australia.
5. Ensure that through Mandatory Law before any Australians receives any Vaccination that Australians are given full disclosure at the time and just before the associated Vaccination are administered and received of any and all potential harm that these Vaccinations may cause to the person being Vaccinated.
6. Ensure MANDATORY and full and complete scientific and publicly accessible double blind inert placebo safety testing on unvaccinated cohorts of all Vaccines before they are given to any Australians.

It just so happens that Dr Judy Wilyman’s book ‘Vaccination – Australia’s loss of Health Freedom’ is being published at exactly the right time. This information will be used as expert evidence in the case.

Love and peace,


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Joining the MAHA class action?

Becoming a MAHA Vendor?