Here are links to the A4 double sided brochure inside and outside pages for the Sunday September 15 11am demonstration for all Capital Cities and September 16 10am demonstration outside Parliament House, Canberra.

You can also print your own colour A4 editable brochure to include your location and any other details.

You can also print our original A4 black and white double sided two fold brochure.

Unfortunately, Google drive, where this document (below) is stored does not display the 3 column pages correctly. Just download these files and use a Word Processor to open and print them (preferably but not necessarily Microsoft Word 365).

Remember it’s 3 column double sided, so you need to print one side and then flip the paper over and stick it in the printer again to print the other side. Try one first to get the hang of it.

Once you’ve printed the two sides successfully you can make 2 folds so the headlines are in the front left.

Let’s make a difference hey?

Give the brochures out to everyone you know and encourage them to come and demonstrate on Sunday September 15 at 11am and if possible at Parliament House Canberra on Monday September 16 at 10am.

Lets make our children healthy again.