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The Family from Bethlehem

Solihin Millin

At the age of 12 in South Africa, I decided that there must be a great deal more to Life than ‘what meets the eye’, so my Quest for God Consciousness started.

I am 76 years old now, having had, as we do, many many wonderful physical, psychic, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, sexual and many many other experiences over these intervening years, meeting a great array of amazing beings from different parts of our Planet Earth and from many various Psychic planes.

I have arrived at a place of great Peace and Exquisite Love with a wish to fill my remaining years with Love and Service, and with clear vision of Our Amazing Creator and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I experience some of my many many human and other lifetimes. A number of my human life times are particularly associated with Atlantis, Egypt, Rome, the Middle East and Europe, and in particular, the Holy Land and Jesus Christ.

In this current lifetime, I have needed to revisit my connection with the Holy Land and Jesus Christ for a number of reasons, and in particular to allay Karma I created in those ancient times.

The way it has happened, is in this lifetime, I married a Palestinian woman who had emigrated to Australia, whose family have lived for thousands of years in Palestine and particularly in Bethlehem. If fact, she was born in Bethlehem.

In this lifetime I was attracted to her and her family by their deep psychic connection to Jesus Christ, which has been confirmed through many personal experiences and also by a wonderful Indonesian mystic in Central Java, Pak Murhariyanto, that my ex-wife’s blood line is that of the family of Jesus Christ.

Through the ages this blood line has unfortunately been tainted by evil tendencies, and I feel my spiritual task has been to help purify my Karma and this blood line back to it’s original Glory through this association with my wife and my wife’s family and the birth of my three children.

Of my many experiences with Our Lord Jesus Christ I would like to share the following.

My wife’s family lived very simply in one of Melbourne’s suburbs. In their later years, my wife’s father and mother would generally be at home watching Arabic TV, smoking, drinking coffee, playing cards with their children and cooking Arabic foods. One day, my wife’s mother, Hafida, let me in the front door of her suburban home. She was in her dressing gown and slippers, a cigarette in one hand. As I entered, she turned towards me, looked me in the eyes, and said ‘Do you believe in Jesus?’

I instantly left my body, ascended, and met Our Lord Jesus Christ in Spirit. A most unexpected profound, deep, amazing experience. The Purity, Power, Glory and Brilliant Conscious Energy of Our Lord Jesus Christ is absolutely unexpected and totally amazing, so so Pure and Exquisite.

After this instant, I returned into my body.

I have written about many of these experiences in my books available from Amazon and

I subsequently studied a great deal about Jesus life. And of course, as Jesus reminds us, Almighty God resides within our Spiritual Heart, so I believe I have received much information about Jesus and his Life from within me.

I can only speak through personal experience. Forgive me in advance.

During His younger days, Jesus spent time in the Himalaya’s with our Ancient Yogi’s and was trained in Spiritual Practices from Ancient India. It so happens that our Australian Indigenous Peoples came originally from Southern India (a scientific fact based on Mitochondrial analysis). Amongst the Original People were great fully Enlightened Yogic Saints, the Dreamtime Ancestors Who came to prepare our Land for this Time Now. I have had the good fortune of meeting these Great Souls in Spirit during my time in Byron Bay. Thus there is a great connection in Spirit between our Australian Indigenous People and our Christian Australians and Yoga. For example, the Serpent is the Kundalini Force from Mother Earth, the colors black, red, yellow and white represent the Earth Powers or Passions or Nafsu and Yogic four lower Chakras from Mother Earth which can be seen with psychic vision, that give us strength to manifest in our bodies and can easily usurp our Spirit and cause us endless suffering. I became Muslim during my Spiritual travels in Java in 1967, having spent many years practicing an esoteric cathartic Javanese meditation known as the ‘Subud Latihan’, and hence my name Solihin, which is a Muslim Indonesian name. The ‘Solihin’ were the Muslim ‘Disciples’ of Mohammad. Close associates of the Prophet. If you read the Koran, the Holy Book of Islam, you will find numerous great and glorious statements of Love and Respect not only of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but also of Mary, Jesus’ Mother. Muslims only disagree with the statement that Jesus is the Son of God. However, in essence we are all ‘Sons and Daughters’ of Almighty God. And Jesus did say towards the end, ‘I and my Father are One’, meaning Jesus had Merged with the Power of Almighty God. In Yoga, this is called Enlightenment or Samadhi. I believe in Christianity this is known as the Rapture.

Back-tracking a bit, the Elohim of the Old Testament were ET’s (Extra Terrestrials) who came to Earth and modified Humans for the ET’s own Purposes. In this Great Play of Life, all happens through the Power of Almighty God. I believe, in this interaction with these ET’s, Almighty God gave humans additional attributes.

The ET’s who I believe came from the star system of Sirius, created the great Dynasties of Egypt and in fact were closely aligned with the Pharaohs. (clue: the large elongated head shape of the Pharaohs). The Jews were brought to Egypt to receive additional attributes from the ET’s through interbreeding which I believe include expansion of Intelligence, hence the attribute ‘The Jew’s being the Chosen People’. Once this had been achieved, God arranged for the Jews to leave Egypt with Moses and were taken to the Promised Land which is modern Kashmir. Two of the Tribes however, remained in Palestine.

Jesus went back to Palestine to ‘save’ the two ‘lost’ Tribes of the Jews. It’s interesting that my Father is Jewish and my mother, Christian.

Jesus was tried and put on the Cross. Whatever we wish to refer to it as, Jesus ‘died’ or became unconscious on the Cross and Mary, knowing the Roman soldiers guarding Jesus, implored them to let her have Jesus ‘body’. She took Jesus to a secret place and nurtured Him back to Life. Mary had already made the plan to take Jesus back to Kashmir and pleaded with Him not to say ‘goodbye’ to His Disciples, and just go secretly, however, Jesus did go and say ‘goodbye’ as is recorded in the Bible. Jesus and His Mother and Mary Magdalene (who Jesus married) and others made their way to Kashmir. Mary Magdalene bore children to Jesus. Many say, Jesus is buried on a small hill outside of Srinagar.

Jesus great message to us (in my words) is, He told us in advance, that our Intellect would expand over the next few thousand years in our Journey towards Spiritual Enlightenment and Expansion. Intellect is is very powerful attribute which as we know can be used for Good or Evil. Jesus implored us to use ‘Love’ as our Guide, when making choices using our Intellect.

During this period as we know great suffering and destruction and lawlessness transpired, and in particular, huge Wars broke out between various ‘Christian’ sects, in particular, the Roman Catholic Church, the Knights Templar, the Jesuits, the Churches of the Reformation, the Protestants, the Anglicans and many others. The Great Banking Cartels arose from the Knights Templar, the Catholic Church and the Jewish Nation. Shocking things were done in ‘The Name of Jesus Christ’. One of the groups that arose during this time of great unrest is the Freemasons, a Secret Occult Society that I believe worship the ‘Elohim’ ET’s, ie the Pharaohs and not Almighty God. Some of the Freemasons have stolen the word ‘Allah’ from Islam, and use it (incorrectly) to refer to the ET’s.

We have now come to the end of this great and tumultuous time, referred to in the Ancient Indian Veda’s as the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, the Age of Great Disturbance. And all this while, our Intellect has being growing, to allow us to move to the next stage of Spiritual Enlightenment and Expansion.

This is now the ‘End of Times’ as Prophesied in our Holy Bible. A great War is now taking place between the Satanic Occult Forces which are embedded in Freemasonry, modern Genetic and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Fascist Corporations, and the International Banking Cartels, and the Powers of Good. This Covid19 Scam is a large part of this War of Fear and attempted Control of all People on Planet Earth. Of course we know Who will Ultimately Win, namely Almighty God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. However it is going to be a Great Battle. We need to choose sides. Satan will attempt to control all of Humanity through Vaccination, Bio-technology and the Mark of the Beast, the ID chip associated with the CovID19 Scam. These Evil Powers have even used the number 666 in their biotechnology patents, and have named a luminescent substance to be used in the ID chip, the Mark of the Beast, as Luciferase.

Unbeknown to the vast majority of us, a Fascist Corporatocracy and the Occult Freemasonry has infiltrated all Governance of the World, including the World Health Organisation and the United Nations, and Australia, in particular, in order to create a New World Order and subjugate all human beings to their will, ie the will of the ET’s. However, these Satanic Forces will lose the Great Battle, and the New Golden Age of Humanity will be Created by Almighty God.

Our Human Values in our unfolding Golden Age of Humanity are Truth, Unconditional Love, Virtue (Help Ever, Hurt Never), Peace and Non-Violence.

It’s time for us to all Awaken into Spiritual Reality and recognise our Wonderful Creator, Almighty God and Our Lord Jesus Christ and Co-create our New Golden Age of Humanity.


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Joining the MAHA class action?

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