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How should we Act?

There’s a wonderful story from the Ramayana, the ancient texts of India.

Speaking as a child…

If you see God at the time of your death, it is said that you merge with God.

God was in Heaven and called over one of the souls waiting for incarnation on Earth.

Smiling, God said ‘Hi.  I called you over since I’ve got a proposition to offer you’.

I can send you to Earth as a ‘good’ person, then after 100 lifetimes you will return and Merge with my Glory.

However, I’ve got this other offer for you.

If I send you to Earth to play a difficult role that I need in my Eternal Play, you can Merge with Me in one lifetime.

Which do you choose?

Of course, the soul said ‘Lord I choose the second with no hesitation’.

So God incarnated the soul as Ravana, the evil King of Sri Lanka who stole Rama’s beautiful wife Sita and was the cause of a great war which was required.  

Rama of course represents God in Human Form.

In the end, Rama fought his way to Ravana to save his wife Sita, and looked Ravana in the eye and killed him. 

Point being… in our worldly consciousness, we generally have no idea about our role here on Earth… and thus we cannot judge anyone, including ourselves.

What we can do easily however, is to focus our attention on our Creator and Worship our Creator in every thought, word, and deed, acting constantly through Love.

What happens as a result of our actions is outside of our control and is in the Hands of Almighty God for the Purposes of God’s Eternal Play.

As an aside, a ‘Muslim’ is one who worships Almighty God constantly.  Each thought, word and deed is accompanied by the words  Bismillah ” meaning “In the name of God” “Rahman” meaning “Compassionate” and “Rahim” meaning “Merciful” Taken together “In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful”. This is the first line of the first Surah in the Qur’an, the Fatiha.

Our Lord Jesus Christ expresses this behaviour so eloquently in His Words ‘Love, love, love’

It is said in this Age, this is the Way to Eternal Life.  Always remembering Almighty God.  Always fill our hearts with love for all beings and towards our own selves.

God, God, God, God.

A great exercise is to stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say:

I am God

I am God

I am God

I am no different from God.

Of course, detractors will say that this is ‘blasphemy’ however if it is accompanied by the actions of ‘Truth, Unconditional Love, Virtue (Help Ever, Hurt Never), Peace and Non-violence it becomes True.

We humans are a wonderful Manifestation of Almighty God.

And thus ‘All humans are equal’. In our potential.

It is only our consciousness and resulting behaviour that may separate us from our true ‘GodSelf’.

Attaining this constant clarity and experience of Who We Really Are is known as Enlightenment.

Thus once more I will say ‘Our true Intelligence lies within our Spiritual Heart’

If we follow our ‘Spiritual Heart’ there is nothing more for us to do.

Love, love, love,

Sol 🙂 ?

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Joining the MAHA class action?

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