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Shocking death & injury from Covid Injection

Why would you even contemplate an injection that clearly kills and injures human beings? An injection of untested experimental gene manipulation that could change your DNA forever? That forces your body to create poisons within you? That changes you into a genetically modified organism. God only knows what they’re injecting into you. This whole Covid Scam has gotten totally out of control. Covid is not even defined as a disease. Covid’s only definition is that it has ‘Colds and Flu symptoms’. In other words it IS Colds and Flu. The whole World has been hijacked through the NWO and big Pharma advertising FEAR to ensure total control and vast unending profits from poisoning the entire human race. The PCR test is absolutely useless as a Covid test. It does not test for infectious diseases at all. Big Pharma and the NWO through the World Health Organisation, are using the PCR completely inappropriately to achieve their World Domination aims. They are manipulating and stealing death statistics from old age and co-morbidity deaths. There is no significant change in death across the World in 2020 and 2019 before Covid! The suggested ’cause’ of Covid, ie the SARSCov2 virus has NEVER been scientifically isolated. It’s all FEAR based computer graphics, technobabble and Big Pharma advertising nonsense.

US CDC reports 1,739 dead and 38,444 injured at 11 March 2021 weeks after start of Covid injecting. And it is proven by Harvard University that the CDC collect less than ONE PERCENT of actual death and injury. ie. potentially 173,000 dead and 3,844,400 injured in the USA. Similar figures are coming out of the EU databases. 3964 dead 162,610 injured as at 13 March 2021 !

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Becoming a MAHA Vendor?