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We at MAHA have been very busy taking action against the various Australian State Governments as you will see below.

Solihin Millin (myself) was arrested twice, initially on August 28 2020, by the Victorian Police as an alleged criminal in relation to alleged incitement against the Victorian Chief Health Officers Directives and for helping organise Freedom Day anti-lockdown rally’s in Australia.

By the way, our Australian Constitution protects our political and protest rights against all forms of Government in Australia. And these rights have been unlawfully taken from us Australians as have a huge number of other basic Australian and human rights by this false and unlawful ‘State of Emergency’ declared in Australia.

Through the Grace of God I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some very astute everyday Australians who have studied Australian law in their own time and have achieved remarkable knowledge in particular in the area of Australian Constitutional Law and accompanying Case Law.

As a team we developed 3 cases:

Because I am an Australian aged pensioner I have the amazing privilege of access to the High Court of Australia at no cost ! It would normally cost many $100,000’s to attempt a case in the High Court.

Thus all the cases were developed with me, Solihin Millin being the Applicant and/or Plaintiff.


This is a case based on our perception that the State of Victoria has unlawfully overthrown the Constitution with a false and baseless ‘State of Emergency’

Currently this case has been dismissed after exparte submission and is in abeyance with the opportunity of appeal.

You can download this case from C1/2021


As a consequence of what we believe was a very strange judgement in the case B26/2020 Clive Palmer and Anor v Western Australia and Anor we attempted to intervene but were informed by the High Court that as a judgement was already made we could not.

Thus we started a new case Millin v State of Western Australia. This case has been accepted conditionally for exparte judgement.


This is the first of two cases against Solihin Millin (myself) in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. We have already had 3 hearings.

The second case is about me allegedly breaking bail and publishing the police interview of my first arrest.

At the beginning of the first hearing in the first matter, I informed the court that I have raised a Constitutional defence and thus as is my right under Section 40 of the Federal Judiciary Act 1903 I applied for removal of part of the cause being Questions of Law to the High Court of Australia for adjudication.

This application has been successful and is HCA Case C2/2021 which you can download from here.

In the 2nd hearing we informed the court that the hearing was nugatory (void, of no consequence) as the matter was now in the hands of the High Court of Australia. However, the magistrate set a further hearing for March 9.

Through the Grace of Almighty God through a series of amazing apparent ‘happenstance’ I was put in touch with a retired solicitor with a heart of Gold who resides in Brisbane.

Together we revived what had been my initial thoughts on defence which is to prove that the ‘State of Emergency’ has no statistical nor scientific bases and thus is false and unlawful.

At the third hearing the magistrate was informed that the Section 40 ‘Questions of Law’ application to the High Court was successful and I tabled our ‘Questions of Fact’.

This I have described as ‘The Kraken Awakes’ in our latest MAHA newsletter, since it will blow the whole false and unlawful ‘Covid State of Emergency’ ‘out of the water’.


There is no basis for Lockdowns in statistics or science

It’s all over red rover.

The whole Citadel of Covid Corruption is about to collapse into what it really is, bulldust, to be blown away, and Australia will once more be a Free Country.

Our Australian Law has been utterly corrupted by Foreign powers, the WHO and the UN.

They have infiltrated via legal stealth into 192 member countries of which Australia is one, overthrowing our Constitution, via the State Emergency Acts, and implementing a One World Government based on the WHO announcement of a false and unfounded pandemic. This is Treason.

See: Questions of Fact

The truth is, there is no deadly contagious disease.

There is a 99.9% survival rate.

Australians are not dying like flies.

Only the elderly are somewhat affected.

Corona is basically Influenza renamed.

Did we lockdown Australia for flu?

Asymptomatic transmission does not exist.

The PCR test is wildly innacurate.

Goodbye Corona. Goodbye Scamdemic

Our successful Section 40 Application Case C2/2021 is now before the High Court of Australia challenging the so called ‘Covid Emergency’ as being unlawful, unConstitutional and FALSE since it is not based on Statistics or Science
This HIgh Court Case when WON will nullify all State Emergency Acts in Australia
which have been forcing unlawful and illegal Lockdowns and destruction of Australia.
The Victorian Government are trying to stop this Section 40 application to the High Court of Australia.
The Victoria Police are represented by the Victorian Government Solicitor Matthew Hocking, leading the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office. Matthew is the primary source of legal services for the government and public sector agencies, including the Attorney-General and Ministers and Secretaries. Matthew was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2000. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Business School) and a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University.
So… a little bit of serious competition here !!
In their Response the Victorian Government asked for Facts !
What a God Given opportunity to ‘Sock It to Them’.
Thus here are our FACTS in our Reply:
Of course, what the High Court of Australia Judges do with this is another matter.  But the ideas have been placed in the High Court of Australia.

The HCA has had this case for more than 4 weeks. We believe it makes it very hard for the Judges for many obvious reasons.
Thus MAHA has invoked Section 80 of the Australian Constitution for Trial by Jury.
MAHA is also asking the HCA to issue a  Mandamus to force the Victorian Government to release FOI Request F21.0524 to show the written reasons used create the Emergency.
Woo hoo !
For once in this tedious road of legal battle, we feel full of joy, good humour and power.

Stay tuned …


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Joining the MAHA class action?

Becoming a MAHA Vendor?